“I don’t want to do the ordinary!”

“I don’t want to do the ordinary!”

Ever since I learned to analyse I’ve been looking at the stars, no theoretical calculations just some feeling of being at par.

I’ve been ordered to stay put on my feet, my heels can’t stop lifting as they tend to repeat.

Shouting wasn’t my thing but I tried to stop the war, my chest beating with the urge to sing and soar.

I loved to run as fast as I could but my race was against records and books.

To walk in perfection was my dream but I walked the path of the unforeseen.

Flavours are the key, all I had were multiple house keys.

Synchronising harmony in the air was bliss but instead I ended up tossing some glasses.

Bringing life from within the void was my passion, stuck myself in the void of criminal illusions.

They say step forward for growth and backward for safety but my step stopped in between for eternity. It has been years since I parted from my life, if given a chance I’d go back to survive. One opportunity had come knocking on the door and I chose to stand still not aware of where to go.

One mistake has changed everything for me, go seize the moment and set yourself free.

Do not let the fear of tomorrow ground you.

Do not ask anyone for help to guide you.

If you have a dream start running towards it because there are demons who live on broken dreams, waiting to drag out the essence of your fire and to set your soul on their parasitic flames.


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